Sunday, 7 October 2012

Friday, 28 September 2012

The importange of making a mess.

Something I love about cooking is how much mess I get to make! I think its import to stop panicing about being perfectly clean and tidy it makes me feel to steructered I completely ignore the "Clean as you go" rule! I managed to get half way through a recipe and relise I had no vanilla extract left! aaaaarrrghhhh! panic stations! I left to kitchen as it was and ran to the supermarket only to discover they had none in stock! three shops later I finally found some! :)
 The above were my Friends 21st birthday cakes yesterday! however shes way to hungover to eat them! I meant well!

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Good Afternoon! I thought today I would put the second entry I created for a local show, however by the time they actually got to be exhibited they were looking a bit tired as my mother had got the dates wrong and thought the show was a day earlier than it actually was which meant they were a little past they're best!
anyway I made my own sunshine seeing as our summer is non existent!

Friday, 17 August 2012

This little piggy..

pink pigs! I think these might be in a competion I'm going to enter! they were really easy I preferred the way they turned out with the butter icing as the base colour rather that the royal icing! any thoughts?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

cakes for the troops

A whole load of my family are giving up a day of they're precious time to help my muma decorate the church for my big brothers wedding.. I thought they could do with some sugar to keep them going!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Haribelle makes?!

I just taking a brief moment to side step cakes atm! I just wanted to show everyone a few of the wonderful things me and my muma have been making for my brothers wedding.
The bottles contain elder flower cordial, homemade! and I think the heart wooden tags to go round the necks where found on ebay! I think the idea worked out really well, it's instead of just having boring jugs of water on the tables! And all the pretty tea light holders we decorated ourselves it took blood sweat and glue for two solid hours but the end result is really effective and really cheap to do, the small tumblers that we used were only like 60p each and the ribbon wasn't very expensive! money put to good use! :) 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Minty minty mouthful!

My boyfriend knows only too well my favorite chocolate in the world is mint aero! mint aero bubbles?! even better! He took a little visit to a cash and carry and returned home to me with a HUGE box of mint aero bubble's which sparked a little idea light bulb in my mind when I was bored to tears at work today! So as soon as I got home I set about it. 

I wanted to make chocolate and mint cuppy cakes! I made a basic chocolate cake mix for the sponge and then twisted the usall butter cream I make and use to include mint! then of course my cheeky little decoration using the millions of aero bubble my boyf supplied me with in the week! 

I'm not sure which i prefer, with the entire aero bubble on the top or them cut into halves?! 

Happy space!

I don't know if anyone will find this interesting or not but this is where all my little cakes come to life. its our little red kitchen!
I think its important to say, I don't make any cakes for any reason at all. I would love to one day be able to use this funny little talent I seem to have been blessed with. 
My friends think I'm crazy for not following it up as a career 'right now' I'm so excited to use it in the future though! So anyway here's our quirky little kitchen that makes many many many! amazing things!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

In need of icing inspiration!

I would really like to enter a few shows this year with my cakes! ive been doing alot of thinking and had a perhapds, not so surprising, realisation! I love baking and would really like to work harder to see if maybe i could use this tasty little skill i seem to have! So im appealing for show entry idea's at the moment! i will keep you posted!

Monday, 4 June 2012

More bank holiday baking!

obviously people in my family have too much time on their hands when bank holidays are concerned!

Really went to town on the whole red white and blue huh?!

I actually ate a bit of this cake for breakfast! so good! 

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubilee Jollies!

Was asked by my boss to make some 'jubilee' muffins, however I'm really not that confident with muffins I think its because they're a bit out of my comfort zone! so I i did borring normal cup cakes instead! I used these cute union jack cases I found in waitrosse with a strock of luck when I was running around town in a blind panic trying to find some Queeny style ones!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

They look like stilton?!

I've never made blueberry muffins before! and they turned out so well! i couldnt beleive it i was expecting a blue mess when I opened the ovan but had a lovely surprise to find them cooked perfectly. The recipe I used only requires 3oz of melted butter which seemed like a tiny ammout! but its made up with 2 large eggs that our chickens had laid for me this morning and 200ml of milk, because I cant ave milk I used my special lactofree milk and they still turned out amazingly well! very chuffed! I actually got the blueberries from Lidl becuase theyre plum tomateos that they sell i can eat by the handfull so I decided to trust them and buy blueberries there too they didn't dissapoint! 

P.s excuse the photo of my shaby purple nails... just couldnt resist comparing colours! 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Egg and nutless!

This was the outcome of our day with lovely Kate at egg and nutless! everything Kate bakes are egg and nut free which is amazing for people with allergies, it means people that normally wouldn't be able to go anywhere near a tasty muffin can enjoy a sweet treat. Shes getting quite famous for her 'cake pops' which we learnt to make at her workshop using her secret egg and nut free recipe! they look amazing and taste incredible! what do you think of our Easter chicks?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mr whippy please!

These are my contribution to the massive mothers day meal that we're having today! all the famo are coming round for a HUGE roast.. These are my pud! I found these flakes in the supermarket the other day, new they'd come in very handy! 
I put a little too much vanilla extract in the icing so its super sweet but I'm sure all the little mouths wont mind to much! 
Happy mothers day everyone! 

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Triny star!

Triny stars little cakies! I drunkenly promised somebody I would bring them cake at work and these are what she received! 

The topping for these isn't my usual butter cream! it's actually chocolate ganache.. I've never actually made ganache before and to begin with this was an absolute disaster! I used 250g of chocolate because I didn't actually buy enough to begin with, the recipe says you need 350g but I think that's a huge amount! It was so rich! however I did keep the other quantities as it said 50g of butter and 150g of single cream! anyway it all came together in the end thank fully! 

I used the lakeland cupcake cases I was chatting about the other day, they're such good quality I would defiantly recommend! 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Broom broom!

Had the most fun playing around with these! My cousin asked me to make something silly for her mans birthday   ! something for a big kid I guess! I'm still a little bit scared of royal icing! I'd love to actually learn how to use it you know! take a course of something! I'd love to be able to make 'wow' cakes. 

Had a parcel come today, lakeland have a huge range of cakey things and my lovely muma ordered me lots of colourful cases and some more icing to have a play with... Im determined to get better :)

Berry Berry Blackberry buns!

Cheated a bit with these! they were supposed to be made with raspberries but i decided it could be a very expensive recipe, it says to ad raspberry liqueur and along with the marzipan cream and creme fraiche it costs a fair few pennies to make! So we had a little dig in the freezer and found about 12oz of blackberries that had be picked back in the autumn and stored away for a crumble or something yummy like that! anyway.. I simply replaced the raspberries with blackberries and avoided the liqueur, I really didn't fancy that! they came out really well actually! I forced my friend Abby to be my taster and they went down very well. yey! although I made a few with out marzipan just for me as I cant stand the stuff! YUCK.

Everyone's favourite brownies!

These never last long in my house, I originally used to make brownies with a really rough recipe, you know one cup of that two of that sorta thing! they never came out well at all! then one day I was having cuppa and a chat with my cousin and she brought out the most TASTY brownies in the world.... so I stole her recipe! in fact she had stolen it from Delia smiths baking cook book! (sorry cant remember its actual name!) the only thing I change is that I don't use chocolate chips as I think they're a bit boring and get kinda lost in the bulk of the brownie! I break up and chunk chocolate into them instead! and they really are amazing! 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Daisy chains!

Have been playing around with some daisy designs today.. I think the top one is my favourite I'm not to pleased about the other two, I think they look a bit rubbish, Guess I'll have to keep practicing!

Twinkle twinkle

just a few cheeky stars! I thought they were cute! I'm not sure why I chose the red, maybe a different colour would have looked better. I ended up with bright red hand after colouring the icing too.. Boo! :(

skull and crossbones...

Had these amazing cup cake cases given to me the other day by my lovely muma! so just had to use them, the idea looked a lot better in my head than it does on the actual cake.. oh well just a little experiment!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Silly sprinkles!

These are my boyfriend and his work mates favourites! if they winge and wine at me to make cakes for them these are what I make because they're just so easy! okay I admit they're not the most impressive looking things but I still love getting my piping bag and sprinkles out! .. not very mainly for a couple of plumbers ey? 

chilly chappy's!

This is my first ever post! Im obsessed with cupcakes, baking and thinking up new ways to make them look beautifully delicious! This cold weather as got me thinking about wintery themes! my boyfriend gave me an amazing book full of fantastic imaginative ways to decorate fairy cakes which is where I got this idea from! what do you think of my snow men?