Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Berry Berry Blackberry buns!

Cheated a bit with these! they were supposed to be made with raspberries but i decided it could be a very expensive recipe, it says to ad raspberry liqueur and along with the marzipan cream and creme fraiche it costs a fair few pennies to make! So we had a little dig in the freezer and found about 12oz of blackberries that had be picked back in the autumn and stored away for a crumble or something yummy like that! anyway.. I simply replaced the raspberries with blackberries and avoided the liqueur, I really didn't fancy that! they came out really well actually! I forced my friend Abby to be my taster and they went down very well. yey! although I made a few with out marzipan just for me as I cant stand the stuff! YUCK.

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