Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Broom broom!

Had the most fun playing around with these! My cousin asked me to make something silly for her mans birthday   ! something for a big kid I guess! I'm still a little bit scared of royal icing! I'd love to actually learn how to use it you know! take a course of something! I'd love to be able to make 'wow' cakes. 

Had a parcel come today, lakeland have a huge range of cakey things and my lovely muma ordered me lots of colourful cases and some more icing to have a play with... Im determined to get better :)

Berry Berry Blackberry buns!

Cheated a bit with these! they were supposed to be made with raspberries but i decided it could be a very expensive recipe, it says to ad raspberry liqueur and along with the marzipan cream and creme fraiche it costs a fair few pennies to make! So we had a little dig in the freezer and found about 12oz of blackberries that had be picked back in the autumn and stored away for a crumble or something yummy like that! anyway.. I simply replaced the raspberries with blackberries and avoided the liqueur, I really didn't fancy that! they came out really well actually! I forced my friend Abby to be my taster and they went down very well. yey! although I made a few with out marzipan just for me as I cant stand the stuff! YUCK.

Everyone's favourite brownies!

These never last long in my house, I originally used to make brownies with a really rough recipe, you know one cup of that two of that sorta thing! they never came out well at all! then one day I was having cuppa and a chat with my cousin and she brought out the most TASTY brownies in the world.... so I stole her recipe! in fact she had stolen it from Delia smiths baking cook book! (sorry cant remember its actual name!) the only thing I change is that I don't use chocolate chips as I think they're a bit boring and get kinda lost in the bulk of the brownie! I break up and chunk chocolate into them instead! and they really are amazing! 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Daisy chains!

Have been playing around with some daisy designs today.. I think the top one is my favourite I'm not to pleased about the other two, I think they look a bit rubbish, Guess I'll have to keep practicing!

Twinkle twinkle

just a few cheeky stars! I thought they were cute! I'm not sure why I chose the red, maybe a different colour would have looked better. I ended up with bright red hand after colouring the icing too.. Boo! :(

skull and crossbones...

Had these amazing cup cake cases given to me the other day by my lovely muma! so just had to use them, the idea looked a lot better in my head than it does on the actual cake.. oh well just a little experiment!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Silly sprinkles!

These are my boyfriend and his work mates favourites! if they winge and wine at me to make cakes for them these are what I make because they're just so easy! okay I admit they're not the most impressive looking things but I still love getting my piping bag and sprinkles out! .. not very mainly for a couple of plumbers ey? 

chilly chappy's!

This is my first ever post! Im obsessed with cupcakes, baking and thinking up new ways to make them look beautifully delicious! This cold weather as got me thinking about wintery themes! my boyfriend gave me an amazing book full of fantastic imaginative ways to decorate fairy cakes which is where I got this idea from! what do you think of my snow men?