Sunday, 22 September 2013

View from Bridport, over the hills and far away...

This one was a big one and a very personal one for me. My mums wedding cake! She decided to trust me with the task. She particularly wanted some kin of representation of the hill we live under one the cake to reflect how happy her and her husband have been there so we had a rough idea where to start but other than that she left it to me really.

I decided to go for a heart shaped tin which was huge actually! And went for two layers which I baked with my grandmother help as I needed two pair of hands to get it in and out of the ovan ha! The first layer was a basic Madeira sponge recipe and the second was a lemon sponge which was sooo scrummy! I sandwiched it all together with a lemon butter cream. 

The cake wasn't completely covered with fondant because I had the idea to cover the sides with white chocolate cigarillos so the icing wasn't to much which made it a lot easer for me to use a template to cover the top. Then the fun bits! 

Here's a little snap I the hill, my favourite view from our balcony ... 

Hello and sorry for the lack of sugar.

Firstly I would like to apologise for my huge lack of posting over the summer months. I was off doing exciting things in Thailand and Australia! I have a few posts I want to share that I managed to pull out of the bag somehow! 

Friday, 19 April 2013

we're off to the zoo.

excuse the terrible photo's of this one the camera made it look all shiny and glossy! it was actually allot more matte than this! It needs something else you know! I was happy with it but only 90% happy!

Thursday, 28 February 2013

"Hi Barbie, Hi Ken"

This is for a little girl that's six tomorrow! I hope she likes it, it's the perfect little girls dream cake! It was just a simple cake mixture with jam and butter cream in the middle. It was a bit of night mare to cook in the pyrex basin and there were more than a few knives stuck in it to check it was perfect but I got there in the end. Also, I couldn't beleive how well the icing went on the cak to cover it!

I decided to completely cover the cake first and then cut out a little hole for barbie to sit in then filled it back up with cake and icing finishing it of with a white frill of icing to hid the gaps! All in all a sucsessful day caking!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I am so happy with this cake! it was for a very special baba who happens to be my God son, it was his christening a few days ago and I was asked if I would do the cake.. It was a serious cake! SIXTEEN eggs! luckily there were no problems at all cooking it and it came out perfectly. I popped a cheeky bit of butter cream and jam in the middle to keep it really tasty and moist.
On to the icing of it, I wanted to use baby blue to cover it to make it that little bit more 'boyish' which I think worked really well actually, and then chose really bold brights so its playful and fun. The idea of a more traditional christening cake really scared me so I am afraid I played it safe and stuck to what I know best. The lettering was actually very similar to a canvas I had painted for his christening pressie by a very talented friend of mine who I think I am going to to a separate blog post on because I think she deserves some recognition for her clever, paint covered fingers.

hope you like this one!  

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Birthday Balls!

I Am SOOOO incredibly proud of this! This cake was for my boyfriends Dads 50th birthday this past weekend! I mad it with a very simple sponge and did need help with the initial covering of the cake with the green icing, however everything else I sculpted and stressed over for five hours! But I am so happy with how it turned out. I wish I had taken a few photos of the process of making the character because I did it really simply piece by piece and It would be nice to show you guys just how easy it can be. I got the idea from a book filled with all sorts of cake designs, I'm so glad I found it, because I was stressing so badly about what cake to make for the occasion! 
all in all, I am DEAD pleased with it. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012