Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I am so happy with this cake! it was for a very special baba who happens to be my God son, it was his christening a few days ago and I was asked if I would do the cake.. It was a serious cake! SIXTEEN eggs! luckily there were no problems at all cooking it and it came out perfectly. I popped a cheeky bit of butter cream and jam in the middle to keep it really tasty and moist.
On to the icing of it, I wanted to use baby blue to cover it to make it that little bit more 'boyish' which I think worked really well actually, and then chose really bold brights so its playful and fun. The idea of a more traditional christening cake really scared me so I am afraid I played it safe and stuck to what I know best. The lettering was actually very similar to a canvas I had painted for his christening pressie by a very talented friend of mine who I think I am going to to a separate blog post on because I think she deserves some recognition for her clever, paint covered fingers.

hope you like this one!  

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