Tuesday, 17 July 2012

cakes for the troops

A whole load of my family are giving up a day of they're precious time to help my muma decorate the church for my big brothers wedding.. I thought they could do with some sugar to keep them going!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Haribelle makes?!

I just taking a brief moment to side step cakes atm! I just wanted to show everyone a few of the wonderful things me and my muma have been making for my brothers wedding.
The bottles contain elder flower cordial, homemade! and I think the heart wooden tags to go round the necks where found on ebay! I think the idea worked out really well, it's instead of just having boring jugs of water on the tables! And all the pretty tea light holders we decorated ourselves it took blood sweat and glue for two solid hours but the end result is really effective and really cheap to do, the small tumblers that we used were only like 60p each and the ribbon wasn't very expensive! money put to good use! :)