Sunday, 22 September 2013

View from Bridport, over the hills and far away...

This one was a big one and a very personal one for me. My mums wedding cake! She decided to trust me with the task. She particularly wanted some kin of representation of the hill we live under one the cake to reflect how happy her and her husband have been there so we had a rough idea where to start but other than that she left it to me really.

I decided to go for a heart shaped tin which was huge actually! And went for two layers which I baked with my grandmother help as I needed two pair of hands to get it in and out of the ovan ha! The first layer was a basic Madeira sponge recipe and the second was a lemon sponge which was sooo scrummy! I sandwiched it all together with a lemon butter cream. 

The cake wasn't completely covered with fondant because I had the idea to cover the sides with white chocolate cigarillos so the icing wasn't to much which made it a lot easer for me to use a template to cover the top. Then the fun bits! 

Here's a little snap I the hill, my favourite view from our balcony ... 

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