Thursday, 12 April 2012

They look like stilton?!

I've never made blueberry muffins before! and they turned out so well! i couldnt beleive it i was expecting a blue mess when I opened the ovan but had a lovely surprise to find them cooked perfectly. The recipe I used only requires 3oz of melted butter which seemed like a tiny ammout! but its made up with 2 large eggs that our chickens had laid for me this morning and 200ml of milk, because I cant ave milk I used my special lactofree milk and they still turned out amazingly well! very chuffed! I actually got the blueberries from Lidl becuase theyre plum tomateos that they sell i can eat by the handfull so I decided to trust them and buy blueberries there too they didn't dissapoint! 

P.s excuse the photo of my shaby purple nails... just couldnt resist comparing colours! 

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  1. looks yummy! xx