Monday, 11 June 2012

Minty minty mouthful!

My boyfriend knows only too well my favorite chocolate in the world is mint aero! mint aero bubbles?! even better! He took a little visit to a cash and carry and returned home to me with a HUGE box of mint aero bubble's which sparked a little idea light bulb in my mind when I was bored to tears at work today! So as soon as I got home I set about it. 

I wanted to make chocolate and mint cuppy cakes! I made a basic chocolate cake mix for the sponge and then twisted the usall butter cream I make and use to include mint! then of course my cheeky little decoration using the millions of aero bubble my boyf supplied me with in the week! 

I'm not sure which i prefer, with the entire aero bubble on the top or them cut into halves?! 

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